Midlife Magic is about my personal transformation from a boring middle-child woman with numerous failed marriages to someone who has found a new path. Although I still have struggles, I now have new sources of strength supporting me. I’ve learned that I’ve always been a strong person. I have learned the importance of claiming my power and standing up for who I am. I am a warrior, and I am determined. I now believe in keeping a gratitude practice, and in the power of manifesting what is for my highest good. I have discovered intuitive abilities that I hadn’t known I possessed. I have gone from being a religious person to a spiritual person by leaving the Mormon Church in my early forties after meeting my current husband Mark, who opened my eyes to the previously-unknown-to-me worlds of magic, faeries, ghosts, UFOs, and aliens, and experiences with each. I am delighting in this newfound world of wonder and want to carry on with it. I have decided that I need at least another forty years -or more- in this lifetime so that I can be this new me in all its glory. I want to revel in all that life has in store for me, whatever it is.

I’ve been married seven times and have one daughter. I had five Mormon husbands, and experienced various forms of abuse by each. Though they were not ideal, that wasn’t the church’s fault. I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom but was only able to do so until my daughter went to kindergarten. I have filed for bankruptcy in the past, and although I’m now close to retirement age, I am not financially prepared for retirement. I spent years giving away my personal power. Don’t feel sorry for me, though. Through all of it, I’ve come out the other side with a long list of successes, for which I’m grateful.

I have a successful bookkeeping business with over forty regular clients. Had it not been for my first divorce and the need to support myself, I would not have discovered my talent for crunching numbers and helping people feel relieved and clear about their finances.

I have a wonderful daughter who considers me her best friend, and nothing is better than that. She has a thriving lactation consultation and wellness practice and three great children of her own. She is my rock by being so supportive of my magic work and other newfound passions.

I am now married to an incredible man. Through knowing him for more than twenty-two years, my life has changed in many ways. I’ve become open to topics that I wouldn’t have considered studying before. I look at our world and universe in new ways. I question. I communicate on deeper levels.

I find more joy in nature than I used to, though I grew up loving the outdoors. I talk to the animals who visit my garden, and I’m sure they understand by the tone of my voice that I mean them no harm, as well as much more.

I grew from not believing in UFOs, aliens, faeries, or ghosts to finding myself immersed in them. I know that many desire to know the information I have. I’ve seen the faces of those who have listened to me speak at various UFO and Paranormal conferences; they appear both fascinated and relieved as they nod to me in agreement, and some tell me they are inspired by my words. They no longer feel so crazy.

In this book, I will tell you about my personal UFO sightings and paranormal experiences. I will share what I know about elementals, including faeries and other energy beings, and magic and witchcraft, and how they each play a part in my life. I’ve put all these various topics into one book because they are all connected in my world. I hope this book will become part of a new teaching career that I strongly feel is meant to be in my future. By reading the book, I hope you will come away open to new possibilities for your own life.

Join me as I share how I stepped through the portal onto my bright new path by buying Midlife Magic.

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