Today is Thursday, July 25, 2019. I am looking forward to a two-day ‘family visit’ with husband Mark at CSP-Solano in Vacaville CA. We are going to enjoy a two-night stay together in an apartment at the prison where he’s incarcerated. The timing is perfect as tomorrow is our 17th wedding anniversary and my 65th birthday.

Our visit begins between 11 AM and noon. We spend the day talking, cooking, playing games, and watching TV/movies. It’s a beautiful summer day so we even play games outside in the walled-in patio area that is part of our accommodations. Several times each day and night a staff member calls Mark and then meets him at the outer-most door to count him and make sure he hasn’t somehow escaped.

That evening we’ve had a delicious steak dinner prepared by Mark. We’re enjoying some TV. Mark gets the 9:30 PM call to meet the guard at the door. Shortly thereafter, Mark excitedly tells me to come outside and look up. Plain as day I see a very large triangular craft flying slowly above us. I see its red lights and the triangular shape. The engine makes a distinctive ‘whap whap’ sound. It is the most amazing sight I’d ever seen. I could not believe that it was so visible and that I could hear it. It couldn’t have been much more than 1000 feet above us. To seal the deal, the ship flew over a second time, and it seemed to be even lower. I can’t be exact as to the distance, but it was CLOSE.

I know, and Mark confirms, that our human military triangle craft cannot fly that low or that slowly. They do not make the engine noise that I heard. Yes, Travis Air Force Base is just down the road from the prison. Yes, the prison is in the flight line for Travis. No, our human military would not take the chance of civilians easily seeing their craft.

I KNOW that I did not imagine this craft. Both of us saw it. Mark’s Raptor ‘friends’ wanted to say hello and give me additional proof that UFOs are real. It was so thrilling and I couldn’t ask for a better gift.

How many of you can say that you’ve had the honor of a UFO flyover for your anniversary or birthday?  I can.  Welcome to my world!

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