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The Journey of
Jo Ann Richards
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Why did Jo Ann get married so many times? What was each husband and marriage like? How did Jo Ann meet her current husband? What’s it like to be married to an inmate?  How did Jo Ann come to be interested in UFOs, elementals, magic, and the paranormal? What topics does she cover when speaking in public? Find out the answers to these questions when you read Midlife Magic.

Midlife Magic takes you on the transformative journey of Jo Ann Richards’ life, from her typical suburban childhood, through six marriages involving abuse, divorce, and death, to her current marriage to a military intelligence officer incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit. Jo Ann had been an active member of the Mormon Church for nearly 30 years before leaving it behind to fully embrace the paranormal world of UFOs, elementals, and magic which had long spoken to her soul. Through her many struggles, she found her strengths, gifts, and inner power, and learned that dreams can, and do, come true. Today she is a warrior who proudly carries the title, Wise Woman-Crone.


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