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About the Author

Jo Ann Richards is a native Californian. She has her Associate of Arts degree in film production and Accounting. She is the mother of a successful grown daughter and is the proud grandmother of three. She is married to Captain Mark Richards, USN. She enjoys reading, needlework, travel and spending time with her family. She is owned by her three cats. She is an international speaker on the topics of UFOs, extraterrestrials, and military involvement with such topics. Midlife Magic is her first book.

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“Jo Ann offers readers a rare and unique glimpse into the life of a mystical & magical business woman and grandmother who finally discovered her voice and has the courage to share it with the world!”






A wise friend once gave me Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s book, Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives. I had already been married several times, and my track record with men was horrible. As I read the book, I noticed that I had done nine of the ten stupid things. Thankfully, I hadn’t […]


Welcome to My World

Today is Thursday, July 25, 2019. I am looking forward to a two-day ‘family visit’ with husband Mark at CSP-Solano in Vacaville CA. We are going to enjoy a two-night stay together in an apartment at the prison where he’s incarcerated. The timing is perfect as tomorrow is our 17th wedding anniversary and my 65th […]


Wild Journey to World of Wonder

Midlife Magic is about my personal transformation from a boring middle-child woman with numerous failed marriages to someone who has found a new path. Although I still have struggles, I now have new sources of strength supporting me. I’ve learned that I’ve always been a strong person. I have learned the importance of claiming my […]